Report a Repair

Repairs that are the responsibility of the tenant are summarised as follow:

  • Replacement, repair and easing of internal doors, catches, hinges and furniture
  • Installation, replacement and repair of letterboxes, airing racks and other external and internal door furniture, except in relation to security matters for racial and sexual harassment cases
  • Installation, repair and renewal of tiles, except splashbacks
  • The making good of minor plaster fractures
  • Replacing lost keys
  • Replacement of door locks where keys are lost
  • Replacement of WC seat
  • Replacement of plugs for bath, basins and sinks
  • Replacement of light bulbs and fuses (except in communal areas)
  • Maintaining own washing machines and associated plumbing
  • Maintaining own electrical appliances and associated wiring
  • Making good any damages caused by tenant e.g overflowing bath, reglazing, etc
  • Internal decorations

The only exception where CTR will undertake to carry out this work will be in cases where the tenancy is held by either a Disabled person or an OAP