Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social Behaviour is any form of nuisance that causes distress to others.

Anti social behaviour includes any behaviour by residents, members of their household or their visitors.

Some examples of behaviour that would be treated as anti-social behaviour include:

  • Noise nuisance
  • Intimidation and harassment
  • The fouling of public areas, graffiti, fly tipping & nuisance vehicles
  • Dog Nuisance
  • Aggressive and threatening language and behaviour
  • Poorly maintained property or garden
  • Actual violence against people and property
  • Hate behaviour that targets members of identified groups because of their perceived difference e.g. racial harassment.
  • Domestic violence
  • Using or threatening to use housing accommodations to sell drugs, or for other unlawful purposes.

Please be aware that any form of Anti-Social Behaviour is a breach of your tenancy Conditions and further action will be taken against you.

As a Newham Council tenant residing within the Tenant Management Organisation area, you need to seek permission to keep pets in your property.

You also need to make sure that you are a responsible pet owner by following the below:

  • You must make sure that you keep your pets under control, so that they cannot escape or damage the property or any common areas.
  • Your pets must not annoy or frighten your neighbours. This includes fouling, noise or smells. 
  • You must not allow your animal to foul your home, or any areas you share with neighbours. You can be fined or taken to court if you allow your dog to foul public areas or to roam.
  • Do not allow your dog to bark continually inside or outside your home.
  • We can stop you or anyone living with you from having pets if you are not a responsible owner.

If you have a pet or are thinking of purchasing a pet please ensure that you fill in the forms from the CTR Triangle TMO office.

Permission to Keep a Pet form enclosed within your Sign Up pack.  You will then receive written confirmation with our decision.

Please Note: If for any reason your pet is causing a nuisance we will involve Newham Councils Animal Wardens.

If you need to report Anti-Social Behaviour please contact your Housing Manager.